Monday, 3 May 2010

WHO Call for research proposals on health equity for civil society orgs

Call for research proposals from civil society organizations (CSOs):
The WHO Scientific Resource Group on Equity Analysis and Research together with the Global Forum
for Health Research and People's Health Movement just opened a call for research proposals from civil
society organizations (CSOs) on the theme: ‘‘Advancing health equity through research and practice –
identifying what works to reduce health inequities”.
The call is available at: . Deadline for receipt of entries is 23 May 2010.
Civil Society Organizations CSOs interested in evaluating the interventions they implemented and their
impacts both on health outcomes and on health equity are invited to submit research proposals.
The interventions (including policies, programmes, etc) to be evaluated need to address social,
economic and political determinants of health. Submission of proposals dealing with interventions and
research projects already in progress is strongly encouraged. The application should be emailed as a
Word or PDF document to
In the header of the email, please put "CSOs advancing health equity”. Receipt of applications will be
confirmed by e-mail. The deadline for submission is 23 May 2010.

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