Friday, 23 November 2012

Amartya Sen on social determinants of health

Johns Hopkins University

Provost's Symposium on the Social Determinants of Health

Amartya Sen's Keynote Address   May 2012

Thursday, 1 November 2012

50th Nobel Symposia - Growth & development / Climate Change

Some of the world's most prominent economists discuss development and climate change at 50th Anniversary of Nobel Symposia.

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Monday, September 3
8:15 - 9:00 Registration
9:00 - 9:10 Opening of Symposium
Growth 1
Chair: Per Krusell
9:10 - 10:40 Technology [Video]
Speaker: Paul Romer, Stanford University [Presentation]
Discussant: Peter Howitt, Brown University [Presentation]
11:00 - 12:30 Empirical Determinants [Video]
Speaker: Robert Barro, Harvard University [Paper] [Presentation]
Discussant: Abhijit Banerjee, MIT [Presentation]
Development 1 
Chair: Fabrizio Zilibotti

13:50 - 15:20 Schooling [Video]

Speaker: Mark Rosenzweig, Yale University [Presentation]
Discussant: Claudia Goldin, Harvard University [Presentation]
15:40 - 17:10 Health [Video]
Speaker: Michael Kremer, Harvard University [Presentation]
Discussant: Nancy Stokey, University of Chicago [Presentation]
17:30 - 19:00 Credit and Insurance [Video]
Speaker: Robert Townsend, MIT [Presentation]
Discussant: Orazio Attanasio, UCL [Presentation]

Tuesday, September 4
Development 2 
Chair: Jakob Svensson
9:00 - 10:30 Well-Being [Video]
Speaker: Angus Deaton, Princeton University [Presentation]
Discussant: Chad Jones, Stanford University [Presentation]
10:50 - 12:20 Policy Evaluation [Video]
Speaker: Esther Duflo, MIT [Presentation]
Discussant: Guido Tabellini, Bocconi University [Presentation]
Growth 2 
Chair: Philippe Aghion
13:50 - 15:20 Productivity and Misallocation [Video]
Speaker: Peter Klenow, Stanford University [Presentation]
Discussant: Chris Udry, Yale University [Presentation]
15:40 - 17:10 Human Capital [Video]
Speaker: Robert Lucas Jr., University of Chicago [Presentation]
Discussant: Sendhil Mullainathan, Harvard University [Presentation]
17:30 - 19:00 Institutions [Video]
Speaker: Daron Acemoglu, MIT [Presentation]
Discussant: Andrei Shleifer, Harvard University [Presentation]

Wednesday, September 5
09:30-11:00 Micro Meets Macro [Video]
Daron Acemoglu, MIT
Abhijit Banerjee, MIT
Angus Deaton, Princeton University
Elhanan Helpman, Harvard University
Robert Lucas, Jr., University of Chicago
Chair: Torsten Persson

13:40-15:10 How Can Policy and Aid Help in Bringing down World Poverty? [Video]
Public session at Aula Magna, Stockholm University
Panel discussion:
Paul Collier, Oxford University
Esther Duflo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
William Easterly, New York University
Dani Rodrik, Harvard University
Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University
Introduction: Gunilla Carlsson, Minister for International Development Cooperation
Moderator: Timothy Besley, London School of Economics

15:10 - 15:40 Celebrating the IIES at 50 [Video]

15:40-15:50 Break

15:50-17:20 How Can We Solve the Problem of Global Warming? [Video]
Panel discussion:
Sir Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics
Hans-Werner Sinn, University of Munich
John Hassler, Institute of International Economic Studies
Elisabeth Moyer, University of Chicago
Introduction: Lena Ek, Minister for the Environment
Moderator: Klas Eklund, SEB 
17:20-18:00 Reception

Thursday, September 6
8:30 Coffee and Registration
Morning session
Chair: Torsten Persson
9:00 - 10:30 The Transition to Clean Technology [Video]
Speaker: Daron Acemoglu
Co-authors: Ufuk Akcigit, Douglas Hanley, and William Kerr
Discussant: John Van Reenen
10.45-12.15 Carbon taxes, Path Dependency and Directed Technical Change: Evidence from the Auto Industry [Video]
Speaker: Philippe Aghion [Paper]
Co-authors: Antoine Dechezlepretre, David Hemous, Ralf Martin, and John Van Reenen
Discussant: Robin Burgess
12.15-13.30 Lunch
Afternoon session
Chair: Philippe Aghion
13.30-15.00 Adapting to Climate Change: Evidence from Long-Run Changes in the Weather-Mortality Relationship in the 20th Century United States [Video]
Speaker: Olivier Deschenes [Paper]
Co-authors: Alan Barecca, Karen Clay, Michael Greenstone, and Joseph Shapiro
Discussant: Peter Nilsson
15.15-16.45 Weather and Infant Mortality in Africa [Video]
Speaker: Masayuki Kudamatsu [Paper]
Co-authors: Torsten Persson and David Strömberg
Discussant: Dean Karlan
17.15-18.45 Poverty, Growth and the Demand for Energy [Video]
Speaker: Catherine Wolfram [Paper]
Co-authors: Paul Gertler, Orie Shelef, and Alan Fuchs
Discussant: Jakob Svensson
19.30- Dinner

Friday, September 7
Morning session
Chair: David Strömberg
09.00-10.30 Climate Change, Environmental Shocks, and Socio-Economic Networks: the Case of Rainfall and Temperature in Thailand [Video]
Speaker: Robert Townsend [Paper]
Co-authors: John Felkner and Kamilya Tazhibayeva
Discussant: Andrew Foster
10.45-12.15 Evolving Comparative Advantage and the Impact of Climate Change in Agricultural Markets: Evidence from a 9 Million-Field Partition of the Earth [Video]
Speaker: Dave Donaldson [Paper]
Co-authors: Arnaud Costinot and Cory Smith
Discussant: Sam Kortum
12.15-13.30 Lunch
Afternoon session
Chair: Per Krusell
13.30-15.00 Conflict, Climate and Cells: A Disaggregated Analysis [Video]
Speaker: Eliana La Ferrara [Paper]
Co-author: Mariaflavia Harari
Discussant: Melissa Dell
15.15-16.45 The fossil Episode [Video]
Speaker: Hans-Werner Sinn [Paper]
Co-author: John Hassler
Discussant: Rick van der Ploeg
17.15-18.45 On the Spatial Economic Impact of Global Warming [Video]
Speaker: Esteban Rossi-Hansberg [Paper]
Co-author: Klaus Desmet
Discussant: Larry Karp
19.30- Dinner

Saturday, September 8
Morning session
Chair: John Hassler
09.00-10.30 The Social Cost Of Abrupt Climate Change [Video]
Speaker: Thomas Lontzek [Paper]
Co-authors: Yongyang Cai and Kenneth Judd
Discussant: Christian Traeger
10.45-12.15 A Global Economy-Climate Model with High Regional Resolution [Video]
Speaker: Tony Smith
Co-author: Per Krusell
Discussant: Elisabeth Moyer
12.15-13.30 Lunch
Afternoon session
Chair: Sam Kortum
13.30-15.00 Participation and Duration of Climate Contracts [Video]
Speaker: Bård Harstad [Paper]
Co-author: Marco Battagliani
Discussant: Tore Ellingsen
15.15-16.45 Environmental Policy and Directed Technical Change in a Global World: Is there a Case for Carbon Tariffs? [Video]
Speaker: David Hemous [Paper]
Discussant: Vasco Carvalho
17.15-18.45 Market-based Emissions Regulation and the Evolution of Market Structure [Video]
Speaker: Meredith Fowlie [Paper]
Co-authors: Meredith Reguant and Stephen Ryan
Discussant: Brian Copeland