Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Global Health Governance and 2011 World Health Assembly

From May 16th to the 24th the World Health Assembly (WHA) met in Geneva to review proposals by the WHO Executive Board (EB). The WHA is composed of delegations from the WHO member states and is the highest decision-making body in the organization. It choses the Director General, decides on the budget, and supervises the management of the organization.

This year was marked by a particularly controversial proposal by the WHO’s Director General to create a new World Health Forum. The forum would serve as a consultative body and – among other members – would include representatives of private industry. Many see this one more in the process of privatizing the WHO. Already most of WHO’s funding comes from private sources and it has been argued that WHO has fallen too much under corporate influences.

Read more at http://www.socialmedicine.org/2011/05/29/globalization-and-health/2011-world-health-assembly-global-health-governance/

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