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India-UK Public health PhD fellowships studentship funding

PHFI-UKC Wellcome Trust Studentships for Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies in Public Health (Duration: 3 years)

About the Doctoral Studentships

These studentships are for doctoral studies in public health (PhD/DrPH) under the PHFI-UKC Wellcome Trust Capacity Building Programme for a duration of three years at one of the partner institutions in the UK. It includes course work in the UK, research work in India, and thesis defense in the UK. Broadly, each candidate is expected to spend one year in the UK and two years in India (at PHFI / its institutes) during the doctoral studies. The research is expected to be India-based, India-centric and India-relevant.

It is expected that the candidates will return to work with PHFI or its institutes for five years following the completion of their doctoral study.


Professionals who wish to build upon a substantial and relevant experience for an advanced career in public health through a doctoral degree. The candidate must possess a Masters degree in a relevant discipline from an accredited institution and must have demonstrated significant interest in public health related areas. The thesis work should focus on issues relevant to India. Candidates having significant research and teaching experience would be preferred. Field based work experience in public health will be an added advantage.

Past PHFI Future Faculty fellows are requested to contact the Wellcome Trust team for further details on eligibility.

The current priority technical areas for training are listed below but other areas of public health may also be considered. * Biostatistics * Environmental health including climate change * Health economics * Health information and surveillance * Health policy * Health systems * Occupational Health * Public health management * Public health nutrition

How to apply?
Please email your application to in the following two parts.

Part 1: To be sent by the Candidate (in word format: file name - name of applicant.doc)

1. A cover letter stating that you have applied for the doctoral studentship, the technical area where you wish to focus your PhD/DrPH degree, and how your background is suitable for this degree.
2. A five-page (font size 12, single spaced) description of the research that you wish to pursue in the PhD/DrPH that includes background, objectives, methodology and expected impact of the research.
3. A copy of your latest curriculum vitae.
4. Two of your best research publications
5. Transcripts and experience certificates from previous education/training (scanned copies).
6. Valid score sheets in any relevant exams (IELTS) as may be required by the partner institutions. Please refer to the website of the partner institutions for further details on this.

Part 2: Letters of Recommendation
1. Please note that two recommendation letters are mandatory but a third letter is allowed.
2. Please arrange for these recommendation letters to be sent directly by your referees to PHFI (above mentioned email).


Applications including letters of recommendations must be received by 29 February 2012. Incomplete/late applications will not be considered. Shortlisted candidates will be intimated by email in about four weeks following the application deadline regarding next steps. The applicant would be responsible for ensuring the completeness of her/his application.

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