Monday, 26 March 2012

Report launch: BRICS reshaping global health

launch webcast.  New Delhi 26 March 11:30 am (archived)

Full Report

Global Health Strategies is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural report from our nonprofit affiliate – Global Health Strategies Initiatives (GHSi)
The report, entitled Shifting Paradigm: How the BRICS are Reshaping Global Health and Development, was released in the lead-up to the 4th BRICS Summit (28-29 March, New Delhi). It takes an in-depth look at the increasingly important roles Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are playing to advance health and development in the world's poorest countries.
There is an urgent need for new resources and innovation in global health, and the world is looking to the BRICS and other emerging economies for greater leadership in these areas. As these countries invest more in global health and R&D, it is clear that their approaches differ from those of traditional donors and are shaped by their own experiences, philosophies and interests. It is also clear that the BRICS and other emerging economies will play an increasingly important role in driving access to new health technologies and services. 
Shifting Paradigm comprises part of a larger GHSi project focused on the intersections between major growth economies and global health. The report was launched by Sachin Pilot, Honorable Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology, at a special event in New Delhi that included a dynamic panel discussion on the role of the BRICS in foreign health assistance. Speakers and commentators at the event included:
  • Shyam Saran, Chairman, Research and Information System for Developing Countries; Former Foreign Secretary, Government of India
  • Carlos Passarelli, Senior Advisor, Treatment Advocacy, UNAIDS
  • Rani Mullen, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Policy Research
  • Pramit Pal Chaudhuri, Foreign Editor, Hindustan Times
  • Ashok Malik, Political Commentator
The launch was broadcast live online. You can view an archived version of the webcast and download the report and executive summary at GHSi's website:

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