Thursday, 14 August 2014

Full fee bursary for PG Certificate in global health for humanitarian workers and volunteers

Special HCRI bursary - postgraduate certificate in Global Health (PG Cert)

HCRI is pleased to offer a special full-fee bursary for the PG Cert in Global Health. This bursary is open tonew applications from those who work or volunteer for the IFRC/ICRC/RCRC who apply within the period of1-28 August 2014.
Applicants must complete all sections of the PG Cert application process for this bursary. The deadline for applications is 28 August 2014, Midnight (UK-GMT).
Please note that we are still accepting applications to study the PG Cert during this period, however applicants must work or volunteer for the IFRC/ICRC/RCRC to eligible for consideration of the bursary.
Amount: £2,100 (1-year, full fee)
Eligibility criteria:
  • This bursary is tenable for one year only (commencing September 2014)
  • Applicants must be new and who work or volunteer for the IFRC/ICRC/RCRC
  • Applicants may be of any nationality
  • Candidates must have submitted an application for a place on the PG Cert programme by the bursary application deadline, 28 August 2014, Midnight (UK-GMT)
  • All elements of the application process must be received before the deadline closes. This includes the supporting statement and tailored online reference
  • The supporting statement should detail the impact the bursary award would have on the applicants and their work in the Movement.
  • Students who have already accepted full scholarships or bursaries for September 2014 entry or are already in receipt of a full scholarship or bursary are ineligible

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