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Political Science in Global Health - Call for Papers #globalhealth

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Special Issue, “Political Science in Global Health”- Call for Papers

“Political Science in Global Health”
Special Issue of Global Health Governance
Guest Editor:
Eduardo J. Gómez, PhD
King’s College London
The application of political science theory and method to the study of global health is a
relatively new area of scholarly research. While political scientists have a long track record
of studying the health policy-making process in the United States and other advanced
industrialized nations, political scientists have only recently investigated the international
and domestic politics of health policy change in developing nations and multilateral
organizations (e.g., the United Nations and the World Bank). In recent years, other political
scientists have explored the domestic and international security aspects of global health.
This recent interest is mainly reflective of the fact that in the field of Comparative Politics
and International Relations, health politics and policy have not been at the forefront of
scholarly research; rather, and understandably so, the study of comparative
democratization, electoral systems, ethnic and social conflict in the field of Comparative
Politics, as well as international security, inter-state negotiations and conflict in
International Relations has been of greater concern. And yet, recent seminal contributions
to the field of comparative and international health politics and policy have kindled political
scientists’ interests in the topic.
The goal of this special issue of Global Health Governance is to analyze the progress that the
political science community has made in the area of global health governance, to explain
why political scientists should be interested in this field, and to consider new areas of
scholarly research.
This series also strives to underscore the importance of undertaking multidisciplinary
research in global health. Of particular importance is addressing the sustained divide
between the political science and public health communities. Some political scientists for
example are concerned about lack of interest in political science approaches to global health
in mainstream public health journals. On the other hand, we wish to address why political
scientists have failed to engage the public health scholarly community and other broader
global health forums.
With this in mind, this special series seeks submissions of research articles addressing the
following two themes and questions:
I. Where are we? And why does global health matter?
For this section of the special series, scholars will address the progress that the
political science community has made in better explaining and understanding international and domestic health politics and policy. For example, articles may
address the following research questions:
a) What new insights have been achieved through the application of
political science theory to global health research?
b) What new empirical challenges and needs have been raised through this
approach to global health?
c) What may be the limitations of the political science approach and how
can other theoretical/methodological approaches be combined with political
science to better understand and explain global health politics/policy?
II. Exploring New Areas of Scholarly Research
In this section, scholars will submit articles addressing new areas of research in
the fields of political science and global health. For example, some may wish to
explore the processes of government response to neglected diseases, such as
cancer, diabetes, malnutrition, obesity, as well as areas of controversial scientific
inquiry, such as stem cell research. Alternatively, some may be interested in
proposing new comparative methodologies and/or theories for better analyzing
the international and domestic politics of global health. Authors may consider
one or more health issues as well as one or more country case studies.
Those interested in contributing must submit abstracts to the guest editor Eduardo J.
Gómez ( and cc ( by October 1, 2014.
The guest editor will review the abstracts and make decisions by October 15. Authors
whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to submit full manuscripts, which are due by
February 15, 2015. The manuscripts must be uploaded on the Global Health Governance
submission website, which can be found at the following website:
When submitting your abstracts, please make sure to indicate that you are submitting it to a
special GHG journal series, by including in the subject line “Political Science and Global
Health Special GHG Journal Series.”
Please limit the word count of your submission to 3,000-5,000 words. After the February 15
deadline, all manuscripts will be internally reviewed. Those articles selected will then be
sent out for peer review. Authors will be notified of a decision by April 1, 2015. Revisions to
manuscripts will need to be sent back by May 1, with the goal of publishing the articles in
June, 2015.
If you have any further questions, please contact the Guest Editor for this special series at
Very best wishes and we look forward to receiving your submission.

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