Saturday, 23 June 2012

public vs private healthcare systems in developing countries

From Kabir Sheikh, Head of Health Governance Hub at Public Health Foundation of India:

Sanjay Basu and colleagues recent paper on the performance of public and private healthcare systems is getting a lot of circulation of late. 

Basu et al refer to 'heated disputes' on the mertis of public vs private, in the post-recession climate. 

I thought it was worth puling together bits of this debate seemingly triggered by Oxfam's 'Blind Optimism' report. Makes interesting reading... 

1. Oxfam's 'Blind Optimism: challenging the myths about private health care in poor countries': 

2. April Harding's blog post on the Oxfam report: 'Oxfam: this is not how to help the poor': 

b. Comments thread on Harding's blog post worth reading, including this comment from Dave McCoy, comment from Anna Marriott, and response by Harding. 

3. Dominic Montagu's letter to BMJ on Oxfam report: 'Oxfam must shed its ideological biases to be taken seriously': 

a. Barbara Stocking (Oxfam) rejoinder 'Critique of Oxfam paper, inaccurate, unconstructive and ideologically biased": 

b. Montagu response to rejoinder 'Agreements and disagreements with Oxfam': 

Kabir Sheikh MBBS MPH PHD 
Head, Health Governance Hub 
Public Health Foundation of India +91 9911987670, +91 11 49566000 ext 6183 


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