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MSc + PhD Fellowships Global health and social justice Deadline 31 Jan 2014

King's College London 

MSc / PhD in Global Health & Social Justice

Applications for this programme entry 2014 are now open.
MSc + PhD  Fellowships (ESRC & AHRC) deadline January 31st 2014  

Who is the programme for?

The growing movement for global health seeks to address inequalities in health, disease, disability and medical care internationally. This innovative MSc / Phd programme is designed for those seeking high-level skills in the critical analysis of the drivers of global health inequalities, the politics, practices and ethics of the global health movement and the efficacy of alternative approaches.
The MSc in Global Health and Social Justice is ideal for health professionals, policy makers and shapers, those who work in governmental and non-governmental organizations, and anyone wishing to develop a more rigorous understanding of the field. It builds capacity for critically assessing the practices required to address global health from the perspective of social justice.

The PhD programme in Global Health and Social Justice is for outstanding candidates who seek to push forward the boundaries of knowledge in regard to the empirical or ethical aspects of global health and health justice.  Single as well multi-disciplinary approaches are welcomed.  Philosophical research can include the philosophy of human rights, health and social/global justice, theories of justice, health inequalities, causation and justice, and so forth.

Why does it matter?

The appalling inequities in mortality, disease, disability, and medical care between and within countries as well as global regions result from a complex mix of social, economic and political factors. Medical and health care advances are often extending the healthy lives of the wealthy few, yet millions sicken and die for want of basic health and social facilities, often hampered by ineffective and non-responsive political systems.  The increasing acknowledgement of social determinants of health move the scope of analysis and action much beyond medicine and healthcare policy.

From the World Health Organization to multiple NGOs, global pharmaceutical companies and the new generation of philanthropists, the global health movement is growing. It is challenged by a variety of grass roots movements that start from different premises and advocate very different practices of intervention. Improving global health requires a new generation of individuals who understand the many complex dimensions of health, healthcare, and global institutions and processes as well as who can reason ethically about the many difficult moral dilemmas present.

What is unique about this programme?

- An emphasis on social/global justice and the development of key critical skills for analysis, research, policy development and the ethical assessment of health and disease inequalities.
- Taught by internationally recognised experts within a world-leading Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine, drawing on the unrivaled strength of King’s College London across disciplines including sociology, anthropology, cultural geography, gerontology, political philosophy, ethics and political science.
- Provides the opportunity for advanced social science analysis of key issues, such as psychiatry and mental health, ageing, war and trauma, pharmaceuticals, pandemics and biosecurity, and the political economy of health.
-Builds on the Department’s close collaboration with the King’s Centre for Global Health and the King’s Regional Institutes, particularly Brazil, China and India.
- Taught in the heart of London, at the Strand Campus on the banks of the Thames, with immediate access to organizations and agencies relevant to global health and to London’s key cultural activities.

Funding opportunities?  

ESRC Funding  (31st January 2014 deadline)  MSc / MSc + PhD

THE King’s Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Centre (KISS-DTC) is awarding a number of ESRC-funded postgraduate research studentships to support doctoral research and training in the social sciences at King’s, for students starting from September 2014.
The deadline for the next round (for funding to commence Sept/Oct 2014) of studentships is 17:00 GMT 31 January 2014. Please note that this deadline is absolute.
Studentships for the 2014-15 academic year are available for +3 doctoral studentships, and for 1+3 Masters and PhD studentships. For more information on eligibility and how to apply, please visit the relevant page.

Successful UK nationals or residents of 3 or more years will receive full funding.
Successful EU nationals will have fees covered, and may receive additional stipends.

AHRC Funding (31st January 2014 deadline)  PhD 3+
The London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP) is pleased to invite applications from outstanding candidates for AHRC/LAHP Doctoral Training Awards for 2014-15 entry.
Up to 80 studentships are available for postgraduate research students studying Arts & Humanities subjects at King's College London. This funding includes work in the fields of history, philosophy, ethics, political science and international relations. Full details can be found on the KCL Graduate School Website;

Successful UK nationals or residents of 3 or more years will receive full funding.
Successful EU nationals will have fees covered, and may receive additional stipends.

Wellcome Trust  Ethics & Society PhD Studentship

Next deadline 2 April 2014 

King's Funding Database

The College's Graduate Funding Database also has more details of funding schemes which you may be able to apply for.
For other funding opportunities and general queries related to studentships and doctoral places, please see the KCL graduate school website:

Alternative Funding guide

Funding graduate studies in the UK

How do I find out more?

For more information contact

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