Tuesday, 28 April 2015

CONF: Global Justice Philosophy in 2015 - Taking Stock (HDCA Pre-Conference)

Global Justice Philosophy in 2015 -Taking Stock Pre-conference event at Human Development & Capability Association Conf.
Georgetown University, 10 September 2015

The new millennium opened with much activity in global justice philosophy.  The initial debates about cosmopolitanism versus nationalism have now largely died down without it being clear which side won. Some scholars of global justice say the way forward is more engagement with empirical evidence and methods (Blake & Taylor Smith, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). Such engagement with 'real world'
empirical evidence and methods has been a long standing and defining aspect of the capabilities approach developed by Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum. Others argue that the recognition of a plurality of contexts of justice within and beyond the state will be the distinctive mark of future global justice theorizing.  There is even the further argument that while philosophers should attend to the best science of our day, philosophers should be ambitious and frame theories about the world that the social scientists have not tested and perhaps, cannot yet test.

A one-day 'HDCA Pre-conference' event takes stock of the current state of global justice theorizing. The day begins with Leif Wenar presenting from his new book Blood Oil which exemplifies engagement with empirical evidence. Other scholars will present work taking new directions in global justice theorizing. And the day will conclude with the opening plenary session of the HDCA conference featuring a presentation by Martha Nussbaum.

Participation in the annual HDCA conference that follows is greatly encouraged. But it is not a requirement for participating in the pre- conference event.  Donations will help offset cost of conference materials.

The annual Human Development and Capability Association conference brings together international scholars and practitioners that seek to build an intellectual community focused on the ideas of human centered development and the capabilities approach.

"Capabilities on the Move: Mobility and Aspirations" September 10-13,

Blood Oil: Tyranny, Resources, and the Rules That Run the World (2016)

by Leif Wenar

' Tyranny, war, corruption and terrorism follow oil and other natural resources—because of the same law that once allowed the slave trade and genocide, conquest and apartheid. The West can lead the world beyond blood oil and conflict minerals to a more united, enlightened future. '

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